What grids have Snowpaws clothing?
Snowpaws products can currently be found in Second Life, Inworldz, Zan Grid and on the Kitely Market.

Where to find Snowpaws original mesh avatars:
Yes Snowpaws is the home of the Grace Mesh Avatar, the Gracie Mini Mesh Avatar, and the Coralie Mini Mermaid Avatar. Head here to see them!

Purchased an item but you do not see it in inventory? I know that is frustrating. There is no redelivery terminal in the store as I do not use a linked vendor system. I sell directly from prims. So first please log out and log back in. Sometimes Second life has glitches and in most cases a simple relog will fix the problem. However if you still do not see your purchase after the relog please send me a notecard with your transaction information and I will resend. Make sure you rename that notecard to something appropriate. "New Note" will just get lost in my inventory.

Outfits in the store are copy only. So anything you purchase cannot be returned to me. For this reason refunds are given for duplicate purchases only.  If you made a duplicate purchase, please send me the transaction information for both purchases. Second Life only supplies transaction information for the past 30 days. So in most cases if the purchase was prior to 30 days, refunds cannot be made. Free demos are available for all mesh outfits to make sure they fit you correctly and that you like how they look. If you use them you will not make a purchase you regret.

How do you find your transaction information?
Log in to your Second Life dashboard: http://www.secondlife.com
Choose Account in the menu on the left side of your screen. From the list under account, choose transaction history. Select the day you made the purchase. Copy and paste all information regarding your specific purchase. For double purchases, please supply the information for both items. Your transaction information will look like this:
10/29/2013     14:34:15     xxxxxxxSource: Carrie Snowpaw
Object Sale
Region: Diamond Oasis
Description: Snowpaws - Lovely Dress       L$0

Gift Certificates and Gifting:
Yes Snowpaws does offer gift certificates! Please contact Carrie Snowpaw to have one made. Please let her know the amount you wish it to be for, the person who will be receiving it, and your transaction information showing payment to Carrie Snowpaw in the amount of the certificate.  Once this is received a customized certificate will be made up and sent! Want to send a gift? Pay Carrie Snowpaw directly for the amount of the outfit. Send her the transaction information and the name of the person who will receive the item. She will send it to them asap.

Fitting issues with purchased clothing:
The Second Life avatar isn't perfect. And I'm not perfect. There is no way I can make a range of dresses to fit every possible shape you can come up with. I do my best however if I still haven't hit the mark contact me and we will work together to see if we can tweek that outfit to make you look fabulous. Often just one session can make that outfit work well. Custom fittings do not apply to items won from the many lucky boards I have, group gifts, hunts, freebies or items purchased prior to 30 days. For older items many files no longer exist so there is nothing left to edit. I'd rather move forward with new outfits than go backwards on old ones.

Items are Copy, No Transfer and mod if needed for fitting purposes. Received a no-mod item by accident on a purchased item and you need to mod it? Contact me. I'm happy to send a correction.

Have a school or center of learning and you would like to be featured in the Snowpaws InfoHUB? Contact Carrie Snowpaw with details about your institution.

Mesh body appliers:
Snowpaws offers Omega and The Mesh Project appliers on many system outfits in the store. If there is an outfit that does not have them yet that you would like to have, contact Carrie Snowpaw and she will add it to the list. Outfits that have them will be marked on the vendor picture. Own the outfit already and just need the appliers? Applier kits can also be purchased separately in the accessories department here. Not sure if Omega appliers will work on your mesh body? Check here for a full list.  

As well original mesh outfits are made to work well with many mesh bodies. However as with the standard SL avatar, size changes can be made. So be sure to try the free demo prior to purchase to ensure a good fit.

Snowpaws is not accepting blogger applications at this time.

Snowpaws group questions:
Want to join the group? Open the group window inworld and select join now. There is a 150L group join fee. Benefits include over 30 lovely group gifts. You can also stay up to date on Snowpaws news by joining the subscriber in the store. You can join here. Hit the green subscribe button on the lower left corner. This sends you notices without using one of your sl group slots. Subscriber members are not eligible  for the group gifts or the Gift Card Slap & Dash.

Receiving notices and you no longer wish to? Snowpaws never manually adds names to the sl group or the subscriber. If you are in either group it is because you opted to add yourself. If you wish to leave the sl group please select the Snowpaws group name in your group list and choose the Leave option in the right side menu. You will be removed from the group. Please note if you paid to join the group refunds will not be given as we have no way of tracking when and if you were in the group. If you wish to rejoin the group at a later date you must repay the join fee. 

If you wish to leave the subscriber group please head here to the Subscriber Kiosk and hit the red unsubscribe button on the lower right corner. 

Having problems with a board in the Midnight Mania Room?
Unfortunately there will occasionally be quirks with the boards. They are games and are provided for fun. However to prevent cheating or board fixing I cannot control them, so sometimes they will fail to act properly. If a board fails to act as you expect please take a break and try again later. Thank you for your understanding.

Didn't receive a prize you were expecting or accidently declined a prize sent to you? Head here to the Midnight Mania redelivery board. This is linked to the MM boards and can resend your prize if you are in the database.

All original works are the property of Carrie Snowpaw and Snowpaws. Unauthorized use of original works will result in a DMCA filing. The purchase or acceptance of any original Snowpaws product is with this condition. Read more about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act here.

Whew that's alot. I hope I answered your specific question. If not, or if an answer is confusing, please contact me inworld either by direct im or a notecard. Thanks.